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Weeping tile is an essential step to be taken when building a home and maintaining its interior integrity for years to come. A dry basement makes for a happy homeowner.

You wouldn’t put a cardboard box in a sink full of water and not expect a leak to eventually appear so why chance it with your foundation?

The weeping tile allows water that seeps into the ground around your house an opportunity to be guided away from the building and discharged elsewhere. Most modern homes have weeping tile pipe installed inside under the concrete slab as well as outside, allowing a drainage for water that still got inside through or under foundation walls. Older homes in GTA do not have inside weeping tile systems, they are more likely to have a water problem.

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Weeping tile pipe is a pipe that is hard to inspect. The plumbing code does not require any clean outs on weeping tile; remember this pipe goes around the whole exterior of your foundation and is not easily accessible even for the pro’s!

In the event of a plugged or broken pipe which will eventually create a build up of water on the outside and a leak on the inside, the ground will have to be excavated to the bottom of your foundation wall and properly repaired. While excavated you have a good opportunity to exam the rest of your weeping tile with direct access of a video camera.

In older homes that may not have had weeping tile on the exterior but do have damp basements or worse, a new weeping tile can be laid on the interior of your foundation.

clogged weeping tile

This requires the basement floor around the perimeter to be broken up, dug down, new tile and stone installed and piped to a sump pit or storm drain.. This is a very labour intensive undertaking but will ensure a dry basement. When the new tile is in place it is a good practice to have Delta MS membrane installed on inside foundation wall.

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