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Are you in need of Drain Repair Services in Toronto and GTA ? Well you’ve come to the right place! We repair all types of residential drains. We guarantee 1 hour response time, free estimate, up front price, and will explain what we are going to do step by step to repair your drains so there are no surprises. Our Toronto Plumber technicians are licensed and insured.

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All of our Toronto drain cleaning or drain repair services technicians are professional and courteous and treat your home with respect.

We provide swift emergency response to all drain repair, basement waterproofing issues and our trucks are fully stocked with tools and parts to handle most of any drain or sewer problem.

Drain problems can occur for many reasons due to aging lines, tree root intrusion or ground movement, calcification and blockages from overuse or blockages from foreign objects. These issues if not dealt with in a timely fashion can cost home owners thousands of dollars in damage to their homes and landscaping.

Aging sewer lines made from clay or cast iron can easily be penetrated by root intrusion and contain cracks causing the pipes to rust out. Over 50% of blocked drain repairs and drain cleaning toronto can be attributed to root intrusion. Factors that contribute to this problem are older pipes with joints, shallow and small pipes, and fast growing tree species.

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Over time calcium deposits form a crusted coating on household pipes called “calcification” causing clogging of pipes and drain lines, especially when hard water is in use.

In addition to the expense and inconvenience, backed up sewage drains in the home can cause serious health risks such as contamination from mould and harmful bacteria. Backed up drains can also cause sewer drains to overflow sending deadly waste water into our streets, waterways and beaches.


All of our drain repair services are performed by fully licensed technicians and is 100% guaranteed. We aim to leave your house with you completely satisfied with our work so you can recommend us to your family and friends!

Our professional sewer and drain cleaning technicians will quickly determine the nature of your problem and will then advise the best solution to suit your needs. At DrainCom, we NEVER recommend unnecessary repairs!

Downtown Areas servicing: East York, Allen Road, Eglinton, North York, Lawrance area, Yonge Street, Toronto. Also: Oakville, Mississauga, North York, Toronto, Etobicoke and the GTA.

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