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High Water Table Solution

High Water Table Solution

In order to discuss a high water table solution we must first define what exactly a water table is. Basically, a water table is the underground depth where the ground is totally saturated with water. There are a number of factors that contribute to the formation of the water table. The weather is a factor because every time it rains water seeps down into the water table. Snow can also affect the water table because every time that snow melts the water that it forms also seeps down into the water table.

Homeowners need to be concerned about a high water table primarily because it can lead to a leaky basement. At DrainCom we have been dealing with leaky basements for many years. When dealing with a leaky basement what we usually find under the basement concrete slab varies tremendously from finding completely dry soil to finding so much water that it looks like a small river.

Normally there is no need for concern for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA because the water table in these areas is at a much lower level than the depth of the basements. However, with the type of weather that we have been having the last couple of years like heavy pouring rains that hit us in a short period of time the water table level is getting higher. Even if it only gets temporary higher that is still bad news for homeowners. In these cases, regular basement waterproofing performed from the outside may not help to remedy the situation.

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This is the time to call DrainCom. We can offer you high water table solutions that work very effectively. One proper solution is a drainage system installed inside of the basement under the concrete slab. This consists of laying a weeping tile pipe around the perimeter of the basement walls. We use gravel to aid the water in finding and draining into the weeping tile pipe. Additionally, a new drainage pipe should be directed to the storm drain or sump pump. In some cases we recommend having a DELTA MS drainage membrane installed inside the foundation walls. If you are living in an area with high water table problems we can also recommend internal waterproofing which consists of installing an internal drainage system as a part of the package.

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