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Kitchen Faucet Installation

We are knowledgeable, we are fully trained and experienced in our craft and people may not hire us for our work but more for the experience that we have gained.

This is a very common call to get in our line of work. People like to upgrade their kitchen faucets on an almost yearly basis and like the new styles that are always being released. Draincom received a call to have a look at a leak on a lead service pipe. Here is the full story spoken by our professional:

The customer wanted to get a new faucet installed in his kitchen and had purchased one that he was truly happy with and had tried to install himself. As with some types of jobs, customers try to get it done themselves and sometimes can run into unforeseen problems.

In this case the customer was in a building and had attempted to disconnect the water without attempting to shut the water off. Buildings are much different that residential homes and a lot of damage can be caused very quickly.

In this case the customer had controlled the leak and had a bucket under the existing faucet. I arrived on the job and went up to the 16th floor.

As expected the customer was relieved to see me and I greeted him quickly and went right to work. I traced out the lines to an access door that was hidden In the back of his cabinets.

I got out my keystop, as they were tamper proof valves , and shut it all off. The leak stopped almost immediately and I went to work.

I installed new 1/4 turn valves under the sink as the customer wanted valves that he could see and use. I used angle stops , 90 degree, to a 3/8″ compression connection that are standard.

He had bought new stainless supply tubes for the install so all was covered. The countertop was granite, so rotting was not an issue here. I removed the old single hole faucet and began to install the new one.

I secured the faucet tightly to the countertop with the mounting bolts supplied with the new faucet. I installed the pullout by inserting it through the body of the faucet itself and connecting it below.

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These types of faucets have a weight to install so when you re insert the handle to the faucet body it stays put. I connected the supply tubes and then turned the water back on the pressure test everything.

As I tested the new faucet the customer was surprised that it took me very little time, under a half hour, and was very pleased with his new faucet.
I packed up the old faucet for him as in case of accidental damage or failure he would have a backup hidden away in his closet.
I explained to him how I had done everything so that maybe in future if he had decided to change his faucet again, it could be as quick and easy as he had seen me do it.
Although he was impressed with my work and skill, he was not happy with the invoice. Most times we run into issues like this, the office would deal with irate customers.
Over a cup of coffee and some nice conversation, he had greatly calmed his nerves and realized that the reason that I had done the work so efficiently and quickly was because I was a master of my craft and had done literally hundreds of these very same installs.
We shook hands and I promptly left the job.

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand why a plumber is so expensive, our simple answer is that we are no different than doctors, lawyers or any other professional.

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