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A wet leaky basement is generally caused by melting snow or heavy rain that enters through the cracks in the foundation of your house. This water pressure causes extreme structural damage to your house’s foundation. Moreover, it brings in other moisture-related issues like dampness and mold. Whether or not you use your basement for storage or additional living space, if the basement is constantly wet and has some amount of flooding or leakage, the problems need to be addressed right away – as they will not disappear on their own.

Basement Repair Services

Having a leak in the basement is one of those home-ownership nightmares that must be dealt with right away, and by the experts. Draincom has the experience you want to locate the cause of your wet basement, and the knowledge to fix it right, the first time. Our wet basement solutions will ensure that your leaky basement stays dry for a long time and your home protected from further damage.

Many homeowners assume that a damp, leaky basement is normal. It can actually be a sign that there are bigger problems hidden in your homes, such as foundation cracks or collapsed storm drains and eventually it may result in mold formation, which can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. If you notice dampness or a musty smell, chances are, there is a leak in your basement. DrainCom has repaired thousands of leaky basements in Toronto & GTA, and will quickly diagnose your leaky basement problem. Whether it’s as simple as repairing minor foundation  cracks, or a comprehensive overhaul, the experts at DrainCom understand the importance of fixing the problem quickly. At the same time making sure your home remains structurally sound and free from any hazards that could potentially harm your family.

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There are many reasons for a water leak into a basement, the first step should be to schedule a free consultation. Draincom’s technicians will examine your home, determine the source of the leak, and advise a solution that will effectively address the problem. Our goal is to provide the most reliable leaky basement repair in Toronto while keeping costs in line. Our basement leak repair will not only protect the integrity of your home’s foundation walls, it will protect your health. Many older homes are susceptible to basement leaks; the more stable and structurally sound your home is, the more value it has. Water issues, particularly leaky basements, can be deal breakers when it comes time to sell a house.

In some cases in order to fix a leaky or wet basement it has to be waterproofed from outside: This is a general waterproofing procedure, it may be different and depends on type and condition of the wall to be fixed.

Wet Basement Repair, Basement Leak Repair in Toronto

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Expert’s advice:

>> A good drainage system installed on the inside and outside of your house is an important way to keep your place dry, and, more specifically, prevent wet basement or flooding.

>> A wet basement is not a do-it-yourself project. Proper assessment is required and ignoring this problem can lead to mold issues, which potentially develop within days of the appearance of water damage.

>> The first step in solving your wet basement Toronto problems is obtaining the opinion of a trained, educated specialist. This will give you information on what has been causing the leaks in your basement, why it is happening and what your options for basement repair are.

>> 50% of all basement leaks are due to foundation cracks. Basements rarely cause water to leak up through the floor, although this can happen in some cases.

>> If the subsurface or groundwater level is close to the underside of the concrete floor slab, water rises through the slab by capillary action, and you will have a wet basement. If the subsurface or ground water level is higher than the basement floor, than water leaks in through the walls and the floor, eventually causing standing water in the basement and, at times, dampness in the rooms above.

>> Some people may think that with Toronto’s water and sewer systems, a sump pump is not required to ensure that you don’t have a wet basement. This is not true for all situations and a professional assessment may be required. Dampness can mean one of several things or a combination. From a cracked foundation to a leaking window well, the right answer can help you save more in the end.

>> Extending the downspout, so it drains at least seven-ten feet away from your foundation, might be a good do it yourself improvement for your home.

>> You could also end up with a wet basement as the result of overloaded city water main. This can cause a back-flow into your basement. To fix a back-flow, the installation of a backflow prevention valve is necessary and this will also help avoid future issues.

>> What happens is, as the soil around the foundation becomes water-saturated, hydro-static pressure forces water through the joints where the floor and wall of your home meet. A proper weeping tile will prevent water seepage and keep this from happening.

>> A wet basement can also be caused because the ground is flat or slopes toward the house. Slope the ground away from the outside foundation. This will direct the rain and melt the snow away from the foundation.

>> Water problems can happen at any time. You may never have dealt with water problems before, then spring comes, and, all of a sudden, you have a problem.

>> First, make sure you have a functional sump pump. If you have determined that your sump pump is working, and you still have a wet basement, call DrainCom, your local wet basement specialist.

>> Water leakage or a wet basement can drastically reduce the value of your property. Thus, many realtors advise their clients to get the problem fixed before putting the house up for sale or rent. Once the basement leak repair is done, the value of your property will rise in an instant.

>> DrainCom offers solutions for leaky basements waterproofing. We start by determining the source of the moisture and recommend interior or exterior waterproofing methods based on type of the wall and severity of the leak.

What to do if your basement wall is leaking?

Here are some pieces of advice, which may help to save thousands of dollars in further repairs.

1. Remove all the vulnerable valuables from the area of the leak.
2. Roll up the carpet
3. Check your sump pump.
4. Clear the way for the water to the closest floor drain.
5. Inspect the area outside for pooling water.
6. Redirect rainwater drains to farther from foundation wall.
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