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Trenchless Pipe Repair & Replacement

Replacing old or damaged sewer and drain pipes can be a costly and invasive job. Very often, it involves extensive excavation and disruption to homeowners and their neighbours. DrainCom can help you avoid the mess and inconvenience with their trenchless pipe repair and replacement.

DrainCom’s plumbing professionals are licensed trenchless contractors who are experts in trenchless technology. They have the experience to execute this affordable, efficient method of pipe replacement without doing damage to your home’s landscaping or surrounding property. In fact, trenchless pipe repair costs about half of what the traditional method would normally cost, while sparing your home and your property from having to be excavated. Trenchless pipe replacement can even replace existing pipes with larger pipes, which might be necessary to accommodate a renovated structure, or an antiquated water system.

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Trenchless drain or sewer repair carries with it the following advantages:

  • No damage or disruption to existing landscaping
  • No damage to concrete patios, driveways or paving stones
  • Designed to withstand ground movement or shifting
  • More affordable and less time consuming

Trenchless pipe and sewer replacement or repair is very similar to having a surgical procedure performed with a laparoscope. Two access holes are created: one in or near the structure and the other on the property line to facilitate a connection from the structure to the water service. A hardened steel splitting is then pulled through the holes, simultaneously splitting the old pipes while installing the new ones. This state-of-the-art method is minimally invasive, like laparoscopic surgery, leaving only two holes to close, rather than excavating the entire property. DrainCom’s trenchless pipe repair experts complete this procedure with the same precision as surgeons. All you’re left with are brand new pipes and no mess to clean up or repair.

DrainCom’s trenchless pipe repair and replacement is the cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement. DrainCom performs trenchless drain and sewer repair and replacement throughout Toronto and GTA.

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