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All of the properly built houses in Toronto and the GTA have floor drains installed to collect any water that gets in close proximity to the drain. As professional and experienced plumbers at DrainCom, we understand the vital importance of these plumbing devices. Floor drains are especially essential in washrooms, laundry rooms, mechanical rooms close to hot water tanks or any other places where water can be splashed on the floor. All the floor drains must have water inside them to act as a water seal to protect the house from unwanted and odorous sewage gases coming in from the city drain. A dry floor drain is a sign of breakage in the pipe or improper venting. As well, floor drains can dry out over time if they do not have a primer line that adds some water to them.

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In the older areas of Toronto where no separate storm drain is available, the foundation drain, the weeping tiles or any other drainage systems may still be connected to the main sanitary line through the floor drains. Even though the City of Toronto requires you to have the rain water leaders to be disconnected from the main sanitary sewer, there will still be some that remain connected therefore bringing the danger of basement flooding especially if the floor drains are not working properly.

If you want to be rest assured, call DrainCom for our professional floor drain cleaning service. We offer the following drain cleaning services:

  • Snaking floor drains with an electric drain snake
  • Flushing floor drains with high pressure water
  • Drain camera inspection
  • Repairing or replacing of floor drains
  • New installation of floor drains

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