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DrainCom has over 20 years of experience providing basement waterproofing services in Oakville, Ontario. We specialize in basement waterproofing, wet basement repair, sump pump installation, backwater valve installation and basement flood prevention. As the best basement waterproofing company in Oakville, our reputation is important to us. We became the best by providing superior customer service and using the latest technology to solve your wet basement issues. Our service is designed to offer a seamless, effective solution to water intrusion, safeguarding your home from moisture-related damage while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Choose DrainCom, and invest in a dry, safe foundation for your home without altering its outward appearance. You can use this form to request a quote or call us at 905-238-6800.

Wet Basement Repair

Our wet basement repair services are tailored specifically for Oakville homeowners who seek effective solutions without extensive exterior alterations. Using advanced interior methods, such as vapor barriers and drip moldings, we address moisture issues directly at their source. These systems are strategically installed inside your basement to intercept and redirect any seepage through cracks, ensuring a dry environment. This approach not only preserves the structure of your basement but also keeps your property’s landscaping intact, making it a preferred choice for many. We also use infrared technology to identify potential problems where moisture might not be visible yet.

Google Review: “Today I got an amazing job done by the DrainCom crew. Highly recommended. Excellent value they provide based on the job quality and price. Just in one day they repaired and replaced the main sewer drain from inside the basement to the main city drain with all the excavation, pipe bursting, filling it all back. Particularly my expectation was exceeded in regards to how well the outside excavation pit was filled. The ground level is the same as it was. Usually when excavating so deep (it was over 10 feet) it is hard to put it back as it was and it’s either a bump or a pit. Plus it’s a winter time. Well done guys.”

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Basement Flood Prevention

You should be proactive when it comes to basement flood prevention. Draincom incorporates critical installations like sump pump systems and robust drainage solutions to manage water efficiently before it can cause harm. By directing water away from your basement, these systems play a pivotal role in maintaining the dryness and usability of your basement. DrainCom’s flood prevention services help you ensure long-term property protection.

Don’t wait until you already have a flooding problem to call a basement waterproofing company. Wet basement repair is costly and avoidable. There may also be basement flood prevention subsidies for your area. We will help you look into that as well.

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Sump Pump Installation

Professional sump pump installation is essential for managing and redirecting excess water away from your foundation. Oakville, Ontario is prone to high water tables and significant rainfall. At DrainCom, we assess your specific needs and provide a customized installation that complements your existing basement waterproofing systems. With a well-installed sump pump, you prevent water buildup and mitigate the risk of having a flooded basement the next time bad weather conditions arrive.

As a basement waterproofing company serving Oakville for more than 20 years, we know how to address the specific problems you face. DrainCom ensures that each solution we suggest not only addresses your immediate concerns, but also focuses on preventing future problems. With expert knowledge, precise installation, and a focus on customer satisfaction, we stand out as the best waterproofing company in Oakville.

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Google Review: ”We had a small flood in our basement, and contacted DrainCom to come in and provide an assessment and quote for the work. Our experience with DrainCom was highly positive, from the initial call to the finished product. They arrived quickly to identify the issue (roots blocking our pipe) and provide an outline of the work to be done (digging down to replace the pipe and installing a backwater valve.)

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Exterior Basement Waterproofing Oakville, Ontario

Our exterior basement waterproofing methods start with excavating around your home’s foundation to expose and inspect the walls for cracks. Once exposed, we seal the walls with a robust waterproofing membrane. We install weeping tiles or new drainage systems alongside the foundation footing to manage water flow. The final step involves ensuring the connections between the weeping tiles and the drainage or sump pump system are functioning perfectly, providing comprehensive protection against moisture.

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Interior Basement Waterproofing Oakville, Ontario

Our interior basement waterproofing process is ideal for those who wish to preserve the exterior aesthetics of their homes. This method ensures that your landscaping remains undisturbed while effectively managing any moisture issues. We install drip moldings and wall vapor barriers/retarders to intercept water that seeps through wall cracks. This captured water is then channeled to a strategically placed drain that directs it to a sump pump, facilitating the efficient expulsion of water from your basement.

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