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All basements, even those with basic basement waterproofing Stouffville, can still develop hairline cracks when they are below grade making them wet. These cracks can become worse when there is a buildup of snow or water against them. You can also have flooding for other reasons some of which include debris in eaves troughs and downspouts and also in the window wells.

Before calling in a professional to check leaky basement, be sure to check the eaves troughs and downspouts for any debris that might be blocking them. Be sure the downspouts extend at least three feet away from the foundation and the grade around the home should be sloped away from the foundation. Also check window wells and make sure they are free of any debris.

If your house regularly faces the trouble of a wetness in a basement, it’s time to dial our number. DrainCom offers Free Basement Waterproofing Inspection of your property. We also offer video camera inspection of drain and sewer system. We use the latest, technologically advanced equipment to determine the problems and repair it. We aim to provide professional and dependable services to businesses and homeowners at a competitive rate with best warranty. We also focus on ensuring that you don’t have to go through any unnecessary repairs. Keep property clean with our simple and useful basement waterproofing solutions.

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There is two methods of basement waterproofing:

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Stouffville

The exterior basement waterproofing method needs excavation and exposing of the foundation wall. We clean and inspect the outside of the wall for any cracks. Once excavated, we seal the walls with waterproofing membrane and weeping tiles or new drainage is positioned on the side of the footing. The final step is that we check the weeping tile connection to the drain or sump to ensure it is working perfectly.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Stouffville

The interior basement waterproofing process is for those who do not want to disfigure the outside appearance of their house. It ensures that landscaping is not harmed in any way. In this method drip moldings and wall vapor/barriers/retarders are installed to collect water seeping from wall cracks and other wall defects of the foundation. The water is directed to a drain which directs itself to a sump pump and finally the sump pump helps the water to flow out of the basement.

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