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Basement Waterproofing North York

Looking for trusted Basement Waterproofing Contractors in North York? DrainCom is a Long-Time, Trusted, Experienced Member of Your Community. We will take care all wet basement repairs need!

  • We Guarantee Your Newly Waterproofed Basement STAYS DRY
  • DrainCom’s Professional Assessment and Experience in the City Of North York and other GTA area, ONLY Recommends Work you NEED, Nothing More!
  • The Highest 9.9 Industry Rating on HomeStars among all Foundation Waterproofing Companies*
  • Fully Licensed & Insured Waterproofers
  • FREE Inspection & Estimate!

If your house regularly faces the trouble of a wet basement (even if you do not call us) PLEASE READ ON.  Be wary of the larger contractors with franchises across Canada and the United States; they often employ “broad brush” solutions which serves their main goal of implementing and selling in some cases their exclusive proprietary products and facilitates ease of training of their often less than professional staff. As any reputable waterproofing professional will tell you there is no one-size-fits-all solution…your property and even the city you live in is unique. Too many homeowners have put themselves in the situation of having paid too much for work that was not appropriate for their drainage problems; only for flooding issues to reappear!

DrainCom has extensive experience in the City of North York, which means we understand construction materials used in the GTA, the unique weather we face and last but not least, the soil properties of the area surrounding your home. These are very important factors that each must be evaluated as any waterproofing methodology needs to fully take into account the body of science pertaining to hydrostatic pressure, drain laying practices, building construction techniques, etc., as well as the positively identified problem(s) that a homeowner is facing.

As your local foundation waterproofing company, We aim to provide professional and dependable services to business houses and homeowners at a competitive rate, focusing on ensuring doing the repairs we feel are required and just as importantly avoiding the unnecessary. With our personal touch and local connection to your community, we’ll keep your property clean with our simple and effective basement waterproofing solutions.

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How do we achieve this?

…By offering Free Inspection of your property for any drainage and related issues, including Free Camera Inspection of the weeping tile pipes and drain systems. We use the latest, technologically advanced equipment to determine your problem areas. Draincom’s technicians will examine your home, determine the source of the leak, and devise a solution that will effectively address the problem. Our basement leak and waterproofing repair will not only protect your health, it will protect the integrity of your home’s foundation, as well as its value. Many older homes are susceptible to basement leaks; the more stable and structurally sound your home is, the more value it has.

  • We assure you of Superior Workmanship, which results from our hiring only the Best Plumbers and Foundation Specialists.
  • We source only the Best Materials and use Effective, Proven Technologies.
  • Our wide range of Expertise includes Basement Lowering and Foundation Underpinning and other General Construction basement services, so when we say we know how to flood and waterproof your basement we mean it.
  • We hold the best insurance coverage and a 25 Year Guarantee of our Services, extending across all jobs, small and large…you can trust and ask any of our clientele.

There are two basic processes to Basement Waterproofing:

Exterior Basement Waterproofing North York

The exterior basement waterproofing method needs excavation and exposing of the foundation wall. We clean and inspect the outside of the wall for any cracks. Once excavated, we seal the walls with waterproofing membrane and weeping tiles or new drainage is positioned on the side of the footing. The final step is that we check the weeping tile connection to the drain or sump to ensure it is working perfectly.

Interior Basement Waterproofing North York

The interior basement waterproofing process is for those who do not want to disfigure the outside appearance of their house. It ensures that landscaping is not harmed in any way. In this method drip moldings and wall vapor/barriers/retarders are installed to collect water seeping from wall cracks and other wall defects of the foundation. The water is directed to a drain which directs itself to a sump pump and finally the sump pump helps the water to flow out of the basement.

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