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Draincom is the number one rated basement waterproofing company in Toronto and the GTA

A basement waterproofing company needs to understand the unique circumstances you face in Toronto as a homeowner. DrainCom has more than 20 years of Basement Waterproofing service experience, which means we understand construction materials used in Toronto and GTA, the unique weather we face and last but not least, the soil properties of the area surrounding your home. These are very important factors that must be evaluated to fully take into account the body of science pertaining to hydro-static pressure, drain laying practices, building construction techniques, etc. as well as positively identified problem(s) that a homeowner is facing. Call us at 905-238-6800 for a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote or fill out the request form at the top of this page.

We offer the following Basement Waterproofing and
Wet Basement Repair Services in Toronto & GTA

Draincom Offers Expert Basement Flood Prevention and Our 25 Year Guarantee Means Your Basement is Protected

At DrainCom we have repaired or waterproofed more than 20,000 GTA homes over the past twenty years. More than 300,000 linear feet of basement walls have been waterproofed. We have installed a combined 700,000 feet of membrane and weeping tile pipe. Our high quality work, extensive knowledge in basement sealing and repair, and our 25 year guarantee, makes DrainCom stand as the best basement waterproofing company in Toronto and GTA. Call us at 905-238-6800 for a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote or fill out this form.

The first step is to Identify your Waterproofing Basement Problems by Doing a Thorough Inspection. And It's Free!

1. Over the top of foundation wall.
2. Sewer or water supply pipe.
3. Basement window.
4. Tie rod.
5. Vertical foundation crack.
6. Clogged weeping tile pipe.

Basement waterproofing Toronto

7. Floor and wall joint.
8. Floor drain.
9. Sump pump lid.
10. Floor cracks.
11. Water pipe conduit.
12. Mortar joint.

Draincom is the Number One Company in Toronto and GTA for Basement Waterproofing & Wet Basement Repair

As your local basement waterproofing company, we provide professional and dependable services to homeowners and businesses at a competitive rate. We pride ourselves on our personal touch, our local connection to your community, our use of the latest technology like infrared cameras, and our guarantee. To get a free basement waterproofing inspection and quote, call us at 905-238-6800 or fill out this form. We’ll be happy to help.

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Exterior & Interior Basement Waterproofing Services

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Services in Toronto

Waterproofing foundation walls from the outside is a good solution to protect the house foundation from leaks. To do this the foundation wall has to be excavated all the way down to the footing, then it needs to be cleaned and inspected for cracks. Than we fix the cracks with hydraulic cement, apply foundation sealer, install waterproofing membrane and weeping tiles.

The advantage of basement waterproofing done from the outside is that it does protect the walls from contact with water or moisture. When performing exterior waterproofing we get excess to the foundation drain and we do replace it. It is a good time to check the connection of the weeping tile to the drain repair or sump to make sure it is working properly. Call us today for a free basement inspection. 905-238-6800

Interior Basement Waterproofing Services in Toronto

Waterproofing basement walls from inside is the best waterproofing solution when: there is excessive moisture in the soil especially under basement concrete slab, or when the basement is very deep, or when the neighbour’s property is located very nearby. To perform foundation waterproofing from the inside, the basement wall has to be exposed, and the floor excavated along the foundation walls for new weeping tile pipe to be installed. We use Delta MS drainage membrane to direct water to new filtered plastic weeping tile pipe. The advantage of internal waterproofing is that it is not only protecting the basement from water coming through the foundation wall, but also from collecting the ground water from under the concrete slab. Call us for a free basement inspection. 905-238-6800

The main factors to consider when choosing between internal or external waterproofing is the nature of the leak, accessibility of the work area, and the depth of the basement. It is always very important to check the weeping tile pipe connections to the storm drain and sump pumps in order to prevent basement floods and foundation leaks. We strongly recommend the installation of an emergency battery backup system and sump pump alarm.

DrainCom has served Toronto for over 20 years now, and our experts are able to advise you on the best options for basement waterproofing your home! Call us today for a free basement inspection. 905-238-6800

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How much does the average Basement Waterproofing Project cost?

Quick answer: you’d be typically looking at $80-$400 per linear foot (see table below for residential). Yes, this is a pretty large range difference, however there are many aspects that can affect your cost. One must first distinguish between external basement waterproofing jobs from internal waterproofing solutions…due to the differences in process and therefore price. Soil condition end depths are very important factors that may keep costs high. Some parts of city of Toronto and GTA have sandy soils, other parts hard clay with large rocks, making it difficult to excavate using a backhoe.  To get understanding of how the price is calculated, we should review and remind ourselves what a basement waterproofing job entails and what it involves.

Type of JobAvg.Price MinAvg.Price Max
Interior Waterproofing$80
Per Linear Foot
Per Linear Foot
Exterior Waterproofing$100
Per Linear Foot
Per Linear Foot
Foundation Crack Repair$1600
Per crack
Up to 4 feet wide up to 5 feet deep
Per crack
Up to 5 feet wide and 9 feet deep
Window well repair (regular)$1800
Up to 48”wide, up to 4 feet deep
Up to 60” wide 9 feet deep
Type of Job/Avg.PriceMinMax
Sump Pump & tank$2100$2700
Sump Pump only$600$900
Sump Pump Battery back-up+$900+$1200
Backwater Valve Installation inside$2000$2700
Backwater Valve Installation outside$2400$3200

 * This is only approximate informational chart. Basement waterproofing cost may differ and depend on: Accessibility of excavated area, Depth of excavation, Type of foundation, Complete length. (more footage more discounts may apply), Soil condition and Condition of the wall to be waterproofed.

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DrainCom offers Free  Basement Waterproofing Inspection & Estimate  for any foundation leak or  wetness. We also offer Video Camera Inspection of the weeping tile pipes and drainage system. We use the latest, technologically advanced equipment to determine problem areas. DrainCom’s technicians will examine your home, determine the source of the BASEMENT leak, and advise a solution that will effectively address the problem. Our basement leak repair and waterproofing repair will not only protect your health, it will protect the integrity of your home’s foundation, as well as its value.

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8 Main Reasons Why Basements Leak

  • That’s just how they did basement waterproofing back then. Age. More and more houses in Toronto and GTA start to leak as they age. The weather has changed over recent years, and more severe rain storms and floods are making things worse. Traditionally, houses were built with just a damp proofing or without any protection at all. Many older houses don’t even have a weeping tile pipe at the footing.
  • Bad construction. Surprisingly, a lot of new homes have leaky basements as well. The main cause of basement leaks in new-build homes is foundation cracks. Poured concrete foundation is stronger and more solid compared to old brick or concrete blocks, but they can begin to crack within the first two – three years.
  • Overflowing Window Wells. Every window well should have a proper drain that directs rain water to the weeping tile system. Without proper maintenance, drains get clogged causing water to fill the window well and find its way inside through the window.
  • Clogged Weeping Tile Pipe. Foundation drains, more commonly known as the weeping tile pipes that are laid around the footing of the house, are an important part of the basement waterproofing system. Most of the time these pipes are good for 25-30 years but, in some cases they stop working prematurely, especially if tree roots start growing in the area.
  • High water table. With normal weather conditions, the water table is much lower than the depth of the basement floors. However, during prolonged heavy rains it could raise up. Nearby constructions sites can also change underground water movements and block some above or below ground streams.
  • Failed sump pumps. If your house has a sump pump, it’s the first thing that you should check if you start to experience basement leaks. If the pump stops pumping water it would fill the weeping tile pipe. Sooner or later you’ll see it on the floor of your basement.
  • Storm Sewer back up. During heavy rains, city drains sometimes can’t keep up with the volume of water which results in backing up into basements. In some cases, (especially in older Toronto) storm drains aren’t available and basement waterproofing systems still connected to the main sanitary drain (or even a regular sewer) back up, which is a common cause of the leaky basement.
  • Improper grading around the house. Improper grading (the angle of the ground next to your home) will result in excessive accumulation of surface waters during the rains. When this happens too close to basement walls, gravity forces the water into your basement. Downspouts that release rainwater from gutters too close to basement walls will also cause a basement leak.
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