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Backflow Prevention

Probably one of the smartest and safest investments that a homeowner can make, when it comes to preventative maintenance!

In some areas that Draincom prodessionals have worked in where a new home is being build within a certain distance to a lake it is actually mandatory to have this fitting installed.

The water table reaches far beyond the shoreline, you just don’t see it.

The first place a surge of water due to heavy rains or thaws or maybe a backup in the city main is going to show up will be in your sanitary sewer line which of course means a surprise flood in the homeowners basement.

This fitting is designed to act as your main cleanout as well as a gate to protect your home. It has a clear removable lid which should be accessible at all times. In the event of a sewer line which enters the home at a very low level but is required to be at that elevation to pick up a long run to the back of the house ( perhaps a bathroom or laundry location in the basement ) and you must maintain the proper grade to pass inspection, the outer casing which is supplied will allow you to install this backflow prevention fitting and still allow it to be accessible at finished floor level through the removable lid it provides.

These fittings should be checked periodically throughout the year simply to ensure they are still in proper working order. In the past sanitary and storm sewer mains where combined out at the street and in the event of flash flooding, were not meant to handle the load, thereby flooding out basements.

When installed correctly the water is stopped before it enters your building drain, however, continued use of your plumbing system when the preventer is activated will result with a very minor show of water more than likely at the floor drain since it is the lowest open connection to the line.

This will let you know that the sewer line is blocked and should now be addressed.

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