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Backflow protection

As far as preventative maintenance is concerned, backflow prevention is one of the most important and smartest investments a house owner can make. Did you know that in certain areas, it is compulsory to install a backflow prevention device when you construct a new house close to lakes? The team at DrainCom is proficient in backflow prevention because we have worked extensively in these areas.

When the water table reaches way past the shoreline, you don’t want flood in your basement. The backflow prevention device is designed to act as a gateway to shield your house. It also works as the main cleanout. Previously, storm and sanitary sewer mains were directed out at the streets. During a flash flooding, these could not handle the load, resulting in flooding of the basements. With the backflow prevention device, you can prevent that.

The device works really well if it is installed properly. Water can be stopped way before it enters the drain of your building. However, if there is continuous use of the plumbing system with the preventer activated, it may result in a little show of water at the floor drain because it is the lower-most open connection to the line. This is an indication that the sewer line is blocked and needs professional intervention. What makes it easy to use the device is its clear attached lid that is easily removed.

The fittings must be checked once in a while round the year to ensure that they are still in a working condition. We are a team of experienced professionals and would be happy to help to install a backflow prevention device in your basement to keep your home fresh and dry.

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