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Window Well Repair

Customer from the Mississauga called us about her window well problem.

It was a serious issue . Water flooded in through the window frame ran behind the interior insulation and onto the floor.

Window well full of sand and debris. You can also see where the water level had been by the water line on the window.

Before starting any project we are careful to cover the work areas with tarps, boards and drop sheets as required to protect adjacent landscaping.
Dirt in and around the window well is excavated and placed on the tarps.

After excavating down approximately 2ft we found the window well drain fastened to the foundation wall with the Delta membrane. This Is not what we would expect to find…but wait…the investigation continues.

We removed the window well drain and and the delta membrane that held it in place.

We can see that the window well drain was not connected to the weeping tile at the foundation footing

The new window well drain (orange cap) in the centre of the builders tube. The 4 inch drain is now connected directly. To the weeper at the foundation footing.

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The builders tube is filled with 3/4 inch clear gravel and the surrounding.

Area is backfilled with the excavated dirt we removed earlier.

As we backfill the builders tube is pulled up and then completely removed.

This system forms a column of gravel drainage from the surface all the way down to the foundation footing.

As water enters the window well it runs through the gravel into the drain and then to the weeper where it is directed to the storm drain or sump.

The final result is a window well drains properly. And best of all a customer with a nice dry basement.

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