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Helpful Facts About PEX Plumbing for Homeowners

Helpful Facts About PEX Plumbing for HomeownersPEX plumbing has been around for the last three decades or so and many homeowners have switched to this type of piping for their homes. But is it reliable? 

In the following article, we will explain how PEX pipes work and how they can benefit your home. If you need help with PEX pipe or sump pump installation, contact Draincom at 905-238-6800 or schedule a free basement camera inspection here.

Facts About PEX Plumbing

What is PEX pipe plumbing?

A plastic material that can be used for water supply plumbing, PEX, or Cross-linked polyethylene is extremely flexible and provides long term durability. If you are wondering how to install PEX, it is actually much easier to install than other piping materials. One of the many pros of PEX pipes is that they are heat-resistant.

NB: Check with your local municipality to make sure that PEX piping is permitted in your home. It is widely used worldwide, but plumbing codes can vary by location.

How is it useful?

PEX piping has been proven to be a reliable alternative to other forms of water supply piping such as PVC, galvanized steel or copper pipes. As long as it is properly installed, it is extremely effective and can last for many years.

Other than water supply line, PEX piping can be used for the following:

  • Radiant water heating applications
  • Residential sprinkler and fire systems
  • Portable distribution systems
  • Heat transfer applications such as:
    • Melting snow
    • Floor cooling
    • Permafrost protection

Pros of PEX Piping

Following are the main advantages that PEX plumbing offers over other forms of piping:

  1. PEX pipes are more resistant to breakage and damage from freezing.
  2. PEX pipes are extremely flexible which allows for easy installation.
  3. PEX tubing is bendable and therefore can be curved to fit around obstacles such as structural framing.
  4. PEX can be installed in an uninterrupted flow from start to finish as due to its flexibility you will not need additional tubing or fittings to complete the job.
  5. PEX tubing does not corrode over time and is also resistant to scale build-up.
  6. PEX pipes reduce heat transfer and therefore help with energy conservation.
  7. PEX piping is less costly than other piping materials.
  8. Unlike copper piping, PEX does not require threaded or soldered connections.
  9. PEX is NSF International certified for water purity as it is safe and lead-free.
  10. PEX pipes are less likely to burst in freezing temperatures as they expand slightly.
  11. If you live in a colder climate, you can use foam wrap insulation for added protection.
  12. Unlike copper pipes, water flows through PEX pipes quietly.
  13. As it is highly durable and will last more many years, PEX does not require a lot of costly repair or maintenance.
  14. PEX plumbing gives you the ability to turn off your water supply from a central location.

Should you have further information about the usage or benefits of PEX piping, do not hesitate to call the professional staff at DrainCom at 905-238-6800. We will answer any questions you have and offer free advice about cost and installation. Contact us with any of your plumbing concerns today.

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