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Basement Lowering & Basement Underpinning in the Great Toronto Area

When space becomes a premium in your home, or if you’re looking for some extra income from a rental space, consider basement lowering in Toronto and Mississauga.

DrainCom’s professionals are experts at basement strengthening and lowering basement floors in order to meet your family’s needs.

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Concrete Floor Installation

We at DrainCom believe that concrete floor installation involves much more than merely installing a concrete slab in the basement.

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Walkout Basement Entrance

In today’s competitive real estate market, home owners are looking to get maximum value out of every square foot of useable space in their home. If your home has a basement, why not add an exterior basement door that gives access from outside your home?

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Window well repair

Customer from the Mississauga called us about her window well problem.

It was a serious issue . Water flooded in through the window frame ran behind the interior insulation and onto the floor.

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High Water Table Solution

Homeowners need to be concerned about a high water table primarily because it can lead to a leaky basement. At DrainCom we have been dealing with leaky basements for many years. When dealing with a leaky basement what we usually find under the basement concrete slab varies tremendously from finding completely dry soil to finding so much water that it looks like a small river.

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Wet Basements Mean Trouble for Toronto Home Owners

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