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How much basement does waterproofing cost?

Quick answer: you’d be typically looking at $100-$400 per linear foot. Yes, this is a pretty large range difference, however there are many aspects that can affect your cost. One must first distinguish between external basement waterproofing jobs from internal waterproofing solutions…due to the differences in process and therefore price. Let’s talk about external basement waterproofing job first. To get understanding of how the price is calculated, we should review and remind ourselves what a basement waterproofing job entails and what it involves.

External Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing the basement from outside requires us to excavate the foundation wall all the way to the footing, NOT HALF WAY…even if we think leaks happen to be higher than the footing.  The wall has to be cleaned, cracks should be filled with hydraulic cement, and then foundation sealer applied on the wall, new weeping tile pipe and waterproofing dimpled membrane installed. Not done just yet!  …Then back-filling and compacting.

External basement waterproofing

Soil condition end depths are very important factors that may keep costs high. Some parts of city of Toronto and GTA have sandy soils, other parts hard clay. Some places in Mississauga the clay can be very heavy with large rocks, making it difficult to excavate using a backhoe. Most older homes have very shallow basements compared to a newer one, and the depth of foundations could reach 9 or even 10 feet. The type of foundation can play a role as well. It is much easier to waterproof poured concrete compared to stone or brick foundation. Accessibility of the excavated area, for example if the neighbours house is too close, fences in the way, decks, porches, landscaping…all these can make it much harder to excavate or may not be enough space for soil that must be removed.

Another factor that contributes to the cost is how MUCH of the house must be waterproofed.  When it is only a short 5-10 feet in length then your costs are higher…close to 400$ per foot. The larger the area the lower the cost, as waterproofing companies can give very good discounts on cost per foot.

Internal Basement Waterproofing

Internal basement waterproofing consists of excavating the basement floor along the walls approximately 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep, then installing weeping tile pipe, followed by putting in waterproofing membranes for the wall. The comes back-filling, compacting and finally replacing your floor. Internal basement waterproofing normally is a bit less dear than external and can range from $100-$200 per linear foot. Even though it might seem simpler other complications can arise when working inside…your waterproofing experts will need to take care especially around nicely finished furnishings, handling of tools and even the issue of bringing cement into the home. Obviously this needs to be mixed and prepared outside! Owners need to be aware of the dust and sound, this should be communicated clearly and job well done!

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