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What You Need to Know About How to Replace a Sump Pump

What You Need to Know About How to Replace a Sump PumpYou might find yourself wondering how to replace a sump pump if you start to experience issues. While replacing a sump pump that is giving you trouble does not require a degree in rocket science, it can be a process that goes more smoothly if you know what you are doing. You should not wait until after a big storm hits to change or replace your sump pump. Try to pay attention to the performance of your sump pump before you find yourself in deep water, so to speak. The average lifespan of this type of machine is approximately seven to ten years. You will save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration if you change your sump pump before it gives out completely. 

In-Depth Guide Regarding Changing a Sump Pump

Before the new sump pump installation process can take place, you will need to remove the old sump pump. Two pairs of water pump pliers may be needed to remove the old pump. Once you have unplugged the old pump, you will need to discharge the line that is entering it. The next step is to insert the new pump. You should make sure that the new pump is level or you could be facing a large amount of trouble later on. If you do not know how to replace a sump pump, you should consider asking a professional for help with the task. 

Connecting the Discharge Line to the New Sump Pump

Once the new sump pump is put in place and leveled, you will need to connect the discharge line. If you are unable to reuse the discharge line that came from the old sump pump, you should cut a new piece. Water from the discharge line will not run back into the new pump once it completely cycles off due to a check valve. Since water will not run back into the new pump during the connection of the discharge line, you can expect the lifespan of your new sump pump to be extended even longer. Check to see if the new sump pump you are installing has an integrated check valve. If it does not have one, you might want to consider adding it on because it can be very beneficial when changing the sump pump.

Connect the Outlet Pipe

The outlet pipe will need to be connected to the main discharge line. This is where the use of your tools come in handy. A rubber fitting and hose clamps may be needed for this process. You might also be wondering how to install a sump pump pit. If you do not already know how to install a sump pump pit, you should probably leave the job to professionals. 

Learning More Information 

If you want to learn more about how to replace a sump pump, you should not hesitate to reach out to the professional team at DrainCom. You will have all of your questions answered by real live professionals who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to sump pumps.

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