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Wet Basement Toronto


A wet basement is generally caused owing to excessive water pressure due to melting snow or heavy rain that enters through the cracks of the foundation of your house. This water pressure causes extreme structural damage to your house’s foundation. Moreover, it also brings in other moisture related issues like decay and mold. Whether or not you use your basement for storage or additional living space, if there is a constant wet basement, some amount of flooding or leakage, they need to be addressed as the problems would not disappear on its own.

Water leakage or wet basement can drastically reduce the value of your property. Thus, many realtors advice their clients to get problem fixed before putting up the house in the market for sale or rent. Once the basement waterproofing is done, the value of your property will rise in an instant.

DrainCom offers a series of wet basement repair and basement waterproofing solutions depending on your exact problem. We start with determining the source of the moisture and recommend interior or exterior waterproofing method based on the severity of the leak.

A good drainage system installed on the inside and outside of your home is THE important way to keep your place dry including especially preventing wet basement or flooding.

A wet basement is not a do it yourself project. Proper assessment is required and ignoring this problem can lead to mold issues, which can potential develop within 24 hours of the appearance of water damage.

You should obtain the opinion of a trained, educated waterproofing specialist, which is the first step in solving your wet basement problems. This will give you information on what is causing your basement to leak water, why it is happening, and what your options for basement repair are.

90% of wet basements leak water from the walls and the joints where the floor and wall meet. Basements rarely leak water up through the floor, although this can happen in some cases.

If the subsurface or ground water level is close to the underside of the concrete floor slab, water rises through the slab by capillary action, and you will have a wet basement. If the subsurface or ground water level is higher than the basement floor, water leaks in through the walls and floor, causing standing water in the basement and, at times, dampness in the rooms above

Whether you live in Toronto or in a rural community, having a damp basement can be a problem. Finding the right solutions can be an even bigger problem. The right company to help you in this journey will make everything easer.

Some people may think that being on Toronto’s water and sewer, a sump pump is not requirement to ensure that you don’t get a wet basement. THis is not true for all situations, and this may require a professional assessment. Dampness can mean one of several things, or a combination. From a cracked foundation to a leaking window well, the right answer can save big in the end.

You can also end up with a wet basement as the result of a city water main on overload. This can cause a back flow into your basement. To solve a problem with back flow, the installation of a backflow prevention valve will fix the problem avoiding future issues.

If your Toronto home does not have gutters installed, this is a classic wet basement problem. Another common cause of this issue is if you do have gutters and your downspouts drainage is next to your foundation, Extending the downspout so it drain is eight feet from your foundation will correct this problem.

What happens is, as the soil around the foundation becomes water-saturated, hydrostatic pressure forces water through joints where the floor and wall of your home meet. A proper weeping tile will prevent water seepage and keep this from happening.

A wet basement can also be cause because the ground is flat or slopes toward the house. Slope the ground away from the outside foundation (about one inch per foot). This will direct the rain and melting snow away from the foundation.

Water problems can happen at any time you may never have dealt with water problems before then spring comes and all of a sudden, you have a problem.

First check that you have a functional sump pump and once you have determined that your sump pump is working and you still have a wet basement call DrainCom, your drain specialist. You won’t regret it.

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