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Repair Flooded Basement

DrainCom offers the best water basement flood prevention products and services in Toronto. We have the expertise to promptly assess and diagnose all kinds of water issues. They could be simple plumbing issues or complex concerns affecting the basement of your house. Accordingly, we recommend taking the necessary measures and then installing the system professionally.

We Help With:

  • Repair Flooded Basement
  • Basement Flooding Prevention
  • Flood Emergencies
  • Mold Removal

Our technicians use the latest equipment and provide expert service to provide your home protection against water flooding and dampening. We have test processes that help to identify the systems that work well with your home. So we only recommend systems that would help the issues facing your house.

We have earned the trust of many customers as far as providing basement water flood protection is concerned because of our convenient and impeccable services. DrainCom only hires professionals who are courteous and passionate about customer satisfaction. We come to you in the nick of time, even if it’s a last minute call. Customers also enjoy a guarantee of 25 years for most of our services, which is a proof of the quality of services.

You can rely on us for end-to-end plumbing and waterproofing needs. Call us today and let the experts customize a package in accordance with the specifics of your property.

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When Your Basement Experiences Severe Water Flooding

Flooded basements especially in our personal space can be very stressful – certainly more so if you’ve never experienced this before.

Our trained experts specialize in wet basement repairs of all kinds and will recommend the best for you and your particular home’s needs. We have experience throughout Toronto and surrounding GTA, both new construction and older homes.

We have worked closely with many homeowners you’ve just discovered that their basement is flooded with several inches to several feet of groundwater.

The homeowners are, understandably, very upset that their personal items (and sometimes their home’s utilities) have been damaged or destroyed by water, and would like us to install a waterproofing system right away.

It’s also important to note that, depending on the source, water in a flooded basement may contain bacteria or viruses, and it may present an electrical hazard as well. Additionally, pumping out a severely flooded basement too quickly can even lead to potential damage to your foundation walls.

While most flooded basements are caused by heavy rains and groundwater flooding, others are caused by home plumbing failures.

If a pipe, washer hose, water heater, or other pressurized water source fails in your home, it can release hundreds of litres of water into your basement every hour. In fact, we’ve seen water rise so high in a basement that it’s coming out of the windows!

In situations where there is a plumbing failure, the first step to solving the problem is turning off any failed plumbing. Be very careful to stay high and dry as you do this, as the water could be electrified or contain viruses and bacteria.

Rescue Your Personal Property

Once the source of the leak is stopped, you’ll want to get valuable possessions out of the water as soon as possible. Again, it’s important to take care when moving items, as your water could be charged with electricity and raw sewage or toxic substances may be present in the floodwaters. If you’re not sure if it’s safe, it’s best to wait for a professional.

You will want to move out personal items such as photos, documents, and fabrics, since the basement could be humid for a couple days while the drying out. This will help prevent mold in the future. It is also very helpful to get a photographic record of the damage for your insurance company. Obviously having done all this beforehand would be ideal.

If the weather is inclement as far as rain we do tend to see higher call volumes so please call us as soon as possible we will ensure you get the attention you need.

You can count on our trained staff to go above and beyond to help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Now is a good time to give them a call to confirm your insurance flood protection level. Depending on your policy you may have failing plumbing and/or groundwater flooding.  Make sure to get these details to better assess your particular situation. Your agent can talk with you about what options you have for a claim, and they can advise you on what needs to be done when you meet with your contractors.

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