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Plumbing Guide: How to Use a Pipe

Plumbing Guide How to Use a PipeNeed to install a CPVC plumbing pipe but now sure how? Most homeowners can complete this process with the help of some simple step-by-step instructions. The following guide will show you how to use a pipe.

If you do not feel confident enough to complete the process yourself, contact one of the many professional plumbers in Mississauga. But we are certain that this guide will be helpful. 

Use the Following Tools And Materials As Well As This Guide On How to Fit Pipe:

  • Brush Cleaning Tool
  • Crimp Rings
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • PVC Primer
  • Safety Goggles/Glasses
  • Soldering Pad

How to Use a Pipe

  1. Measure the length of the pipe.
  2. Mark the pipe and use the pipe cutter to cut it to the correct length, making sure to use a square cut. Remember to leave enough pipe so the fitting is snug. It is best to use a ratchet cutter when cutting PVC. 
  3. Clean the pipe before soldering to prevent the metal from oxidizing, as this will cause it to not adhere properly. Using a wire brush or emery cloth, scrub past the fitting area. Next, slide the brush tool into the pipe itself, rotating a few times to ensure that the area is shiny and free of debris. Coat the inside of the fitting with flux to etch the surface to ensure that the solder will adhere.
  4. After making the cut, be sure to remove all the burrs from the pipe both inside and out using a small knife. Use a PVC cleaner for the final cleaning.
  5. It is now time to sweat or solder the joint. Put on the safety glasses and carefully light the torch of the soldering pad by opening the gas and gently pressing the igniter button, while adjusting the flame to maximize the blue flame.
  6. Spool out approximately 1’ of solder. On the joint, move the flame back and forth to keep it moving around the filling to ensure that the heating is uniform. When the pipe is a shiny copper color and the flux has started to melt, it is time to apply the solder by touching the lip onto the pipe. If the temperate is right, the solder will melt into the joint.
  7. Apply the solder, working from the lowest to the highest point of the pipe. If the pipe is not hot enough, move the flame back and forth again, but  do not overheat the joint. Before the solder cools, wipe the joint. Allow it to cool before testing it.
  8. Once the solder is completely dry, apply a thick coat of cement inside the fitting as well as around the pipe. Put the fitting into the pipe straight away, making about a ½ turn to ensure that the cement is distributed evenly. Hold the pipe in place for a few minutes and then allow it to dry for up to two hours. 

Do you need further assistance with figuring out how to use a pipe? Give us a call at DrainCom and we can send out one of our licensed plumbers to assist you.

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