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Plumbing 101: How to Replace Toilet Flapper

Plumbing 101: How to Replace Toilet FlapperHave you ever wondered what that noise in your bathroom at 3 a.m. is when everyone in the house is asleep? Chances are the toilet flapper is worn out. If you know how to replace toilet flapper, you can easily resolve this issue on your own.

If you have a leaky or overflowing toilet, you should contact one of the many skilled plumbers Toronto. However, replacing the toilet flapper is quite easy, especially if you use this handy guide!

How to Replace Toilet Flapper in Bathroom

What is a Toilet Flapper?

Of course, before you attempt changing toilet flapper, you need to know what it is! The flapper is the part of the toilet that releases the toilet water from the tank to refill the toilet bowl after it has been flushed. Typically, it is mounted near the overflow tube base on two posts. The arms of the flapper will rotate on these posts and then pivot upward whenever the tank level is pushed.

Before replacing the flapper, you must figure out which type of flapper is used on your toilet. As they are not all the same, not all of them are interchangeable. Always purchase a flapper that is the exact replica of your current one. Otherwise, it will not function properly.

Items Needed:

  • Bucket
  • Crescent wrench
  • Cup (small)
  • Fill valve
  • Pliers
  • Rags
  • Rubber gloves
  • Replacement valve

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the water supply is shut off. You will find this on the bottom of the back of the tank. Carefully drain the tank water into a bucket. Completely disconnect the line to the water supply and dispose of the dirty water in the bucket. Keep the bucket under the tank in case of any leaks during the process.

Step 2: To disassemble the tank, you will need to take off the internal flapper (this is located over the orifice from which the water drains out of the tank). Next, remove the tank itself from the bowl in order to remove the gasket (located just under the fill tube). Using one wrench to remove the screws in the tank itself and another to hold the nuts under it, carefully unscrew the bolts that fasten the tank to the bowl. Once it has been removed, carefully set it aside in a safe spot (on a rag or towel) and remove any remaining parts.

Step 3: Finally, you are ready to install the gasket. Using the instructions in the manual that comes with the gasket, carefully install it, making sure it is straight. 

Step 4: Replace the tank on the toilet bowl, making sure it is securely in place.

Step 5: After making sure you, in fact, have purchased the correct valve for your toilet, install the replacement valve. Using the flexible tube that connects the overflow pipe and the lock nut (located under the tank), secure the valve.

Step 6: Finally, using the directions provided on the packaging, attach the flapper. Reconnect the water supply line and wait for the tank to fill.

Need help with how to replace the toilet flapper? Call the experts at DrainCom with any plumbing questions or concerns. We are happy to help you over the phone, or we can send out one of our certified plumbers!

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