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How to Open a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are not to be ignored. Though it’s just accumulated food and grime that leads to blocked drains, if left unattended, it can lead to hundreds of dollars in repair costs. This is why it’s better to nip problems in the bud and clear the clogged drain. While its better calling Toronto specialists to clear clogged drains, you can try doing it yourself it it’s a small problem.

4 Top tips on how to open clogged drain pipes

Here are some suggestions on how to open clogged drain pipes:

1. Straighten and then bend an end of a wire coat hanger to make a small hook and push it past the drain cover to start fishing. The hook picks up the debris and some gunk blocking the drain which you have to pull, and not push in further. Once you remove as much as possible, pouring some hot water should clear the drain.

2. Boiling some water and slowly pouring it into the drain is one of the easiest ways to clear clogged drains. Let the water stand for a few seconds before pouring in hot water again so that the water has time to work on the gunk.

3. You can also try mixing equal portions of baking soda and vinegar in a cup and immediately pouring the fizzing mixture into the clogged drain. It’s the fizz that helps remove the accumulated grime and gunk. Let it sit overnight or at least for an hour, and then flush with hot water.

4. A wet and dry vacuum also works wonders at unclogging drains. Set it to vacuum liquids and create a tight seal over the drain. If required, use an old plunger head to create a tight seal. Run the vacuum on its highest setting so that it pulls the clog into the pipe and into the vacuum bag. Cover the vent as this can get messy,

Signs that you need professional help to open a clogged drain pipe:

It’s not always possible for you to unclog blocked drains. There are some cases where it’s better if you call the drain specialists to handle the job, especially if you notice the following signs:

· Recurring clogging may mean that you are not successfully unclogging the drain, which is why you have to call the experts. Failing to do so can lead to a major problem which will lead to more expenses for you.

· If there are multiple clogged drains at home, there may be a blockage in the main sewer line. as you can’t clean the main sewer line; it’s better left to the experts.

· If water seems to pass slowly through the drains, then it may indicate the early stages of a clog. The pipes may have narrowed with the accumulation of minerals or grease or your drainage system may have been improper graded. If this is not taken care of immediately, it can escalate into a major plumbing problem.

Toronto drain specialists have the necessary tools and expertise to unclog any sort of blocked drains. Besides, they also know the best course of action to take to quickly remove the block so that you can get back to using your sink again.

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