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What I Need to Do If My Basement Starts to Leak?


What to do with leak in basement

As a professional basement technician at DrainCom for last 20 years I have seen many basement leaks for many reasons.

First thing to do is confirm it is not a plumbing issue. For example if the water is dripping through the ceiling in the living room on ground floor then definitely it is not a basement waterproofing problem. If you see water in the basement but only when the toilet upstairs is flushed, definitely you should call a plumber.

DrainCom has performing countless basement waterproofing inspections in Toronto and GTA, including use of  infrared cameras and moisture detectors. Sometimes is it obvious where the basement is, but if the basement is finished and basement walls are covered it can be difficult to find the problem, in those cases these tools become very useful.

Next would be the inspection of basement walls from outside. The solid structure of your home is the house foundation and if there are some cracks below the ground on a foundation wall they would extend above ground. Most of the cracks appear close to windows and doors, this is where house walls are weaker. Most of the basement leaks happen due to cracks in the foundation wall. We at DrainCOm are specialists in fixing those using the best technology, as well we provide a transferable life time warranty on most foundation repairs.

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