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Got a leak in the basement is one of those home-ownership nightmares that must be dealt with right away, and only by the experts. Draincom has the experience you want to locate the cause of your wet basement, and the knowledge to fix it right the first time. Our wet basement solutions will ensure that your basement stays dry, and your home protected from further damage.

Many homeowners assume that a damp, leaky basement is normal. It can actually be a sign that there are bigger problems hidden in your homes, such as mold formation, which can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. If you notice dampness or a musty smell, chances are, there is a leak in your basement. Draincom has repaired hundreds of leaky basements in Toronto, and will quickly diagnose your problem. Whether it’s as simple as repairing minor cracks, or a comprehensive overhaul, the experts at Draincom know how important it fixes the problem quickly, making sure your home remains structurally sound and free from any hazards that could potentially harm your family.


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There are many reason water leak into a basement, if you suspect your wet basement might be a sign of a bigger problem, the first step should be to schedule a free consultation. Draincom’s technicians will examine your home, determine the source of the leak, and devise a solution that will effectively address the problem. Our goal is to provide the most reliable leaky basement repair in Toronto while keeping costs in line. Our basement leak repair will not only protect your health, it will protect the integrity of your home’s foundation, as well as its value. Many older homes are susceptible to basement leaks; the more stable and structurally sound your home is, the more value it has. Plumbing issues, particularly leaky basements, can be deal breakers when it comes time to sell.

Draincom performs leaky basement waterproofing repair in Toronto and the GTA.

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