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Leak Detection

Unfortunately when a leak from a second floor washroom is first apparent, the point it begins to show is more than likely not the point it originates from.
Water has a tendency to follow the path of grade and if your floors and ceilings have a bit of a slope to them, well that is where the water is going to flow.

If you are looking for the source without doing any major damage immediately we at Draincom.com can suggest the following:

  • dry the spot leaking as best you can;
  • begin with a process of elimination by running water through the sink drain (enough to either see the leak reappear) or satisfy yourself that the sink isn’t the source;
  • do the same in the bathtub but once again, run enough water to assure that under normal use you would have by now noticed the leak!
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By checking each fixture independently you will acknowledge one of two things:
the leak happens only with one fixture or worst case scenario it occurs both times in which case the leak will be on the drain after the two have been tied together.

Probably by now you should be opening the ceiling near the leak to find the actual drain. Boil up some water and pour it into either the sink or tub and feel the drain pipe to determine how far it travels before the pipe remains cool.
Once you have established this you at least know where the blockage is and perhaps a poor or worn joint is allowing the water to spill out.

In the event that there is no leak detected at all when draining water then your issue is with the supply lines for hot and cold but the leak would then be a constant stream of water with plenty of visual damage which is progressively getting worse.

We wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

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