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How to Identify and Stop Tree Roots from Growing in Your Sewer Line

As homeowners, we expect our sewer lines to function properly without any hiccups and carry the wastewater to the city drains after we wash our hands, flush or shower. If tree roots permeate into the pipes, they can cause clogs that hinder the plumbing process and prevent water and sewage from being drаained out completely. Roots boom in the dampness inside the pipes, and can penetrate through the subtle cracks or even faultily sealed joints. If not detected and handled on time, this problem can quickly escalate into a huge mess. The fix could be to replace the pipes, which is extremely expensive and involves digging up at least a part of the lawn. Take a look at some of the best ways to identify and prevent tree roots from growing into your underground pipes.

How to Prevent Sewer Lines from Tree Roots Invasion

It is always better to know where sewer pipes run through the property before you plant trees or even do some additions or landscaping work.  That can be done with a drain inspection camera, this camera not only shows what is inside of the pipe but can locate exactly where it laid. At DrainCom all of our plumbers and drain technicians carry this equipment in their trucks.

Once you know where the sewer lines are in your home premise, you will be able to identify trees and plants planted around that area that could possibly create an issue. By getting rid of these trees, you could very well avoid the impending problems right before the trees grow too big and their roots spread all around.

In case, you can’t find any other suitable spot to plant a tree except for a place that runs over a sewer line, you should choose a tree or plant that blooms slowly and culminates to just 20 feet in height or less. Some types of plants that meet these requirements are eastern redbud, crabapple trees, common fig, and Japanese maple.

Still we highly recommend if you are planning to do your driveway or spend money on landscaping work get the drain inspected and even if it seems to be in a good condition get it upgraded from old clay or cast iron pipe to new plastic pipes, that would be a good investment and assurance that nothing is going to happen and you won’t need to ruin what you have done above the ground.

For an expert advice on plumbing issue because of tree roots invasion in your sewer lines, contact DrainCom plumbing services today.

Ways to Identify and Repair Tree Roots in the Sewer Lines

One of the main signs that tree roots are growing into your sewer line could be repeated backups in your home plumbing. While this could be an annoying problem to face, there are a few ways of handling this issue:

Use a mechanical method to remove the roots: You can simply choose to cut through tree roots that have spread across the area and permeated the pipes. DrainCom professionals usually send a technician with an electric snake, devised particularly for this process, down the drain pipeline to axe the roots so they can naturally flow out of the pipe. However, it is important to note that this is only a temporary solution to this problem because the roots can grow back and cause similar problems. Until they grow back, your pipes will continue to flow freely.

Use a chemical method to remove the roots: Apart from the mechanical technique, the other option is to eliminate the roots with chemicals. But this could be a risky choice and you should ideally depend on plumbing professionals if you decide to opt for this method. It is important to remember that the chemicals used in this process that kill roots are capable of killing the other plants and could posing an environmental threat. Homeowners and professional plumbers often treat roots by pouring Copper Sulphate into a toilet, which is considered safe for the systems, while its efficacy is questioned by the fact that it generally flows out of the pipes very quickly.

Use a video camera inspection to confirm the tree roots issue: In case of uncertainty or to find out the extent of the problem, you should hire a plumbing professional from DrainCom to help you with this process. DrainCom uses advanced video equipment to inspect the sewer lines and identify the probable damage that could happen to the pipes.

Fix your sewer line: If your sewer pipes are seriously damaged because of the roots intrusion, you will require the trenchless sewer repair. The experts at DrainCom repair the broken pipe by lining it with a durable, seamless product that primarily creates a new pipe inside the old one. All you need are small access holes that will enable you to omit the mess and cost of digging trenches.


While learning about different ways to prevent tree roots infiltrating into the sewer line is a good idea, in case you notice signs of tree root intrusion. It is always recommended to call a plumbing professional to help you detect and treat tree roots in the Sewer Line. With plumbing services from DrainCom, bring back your sewer system on track. We will assist you to determine if mechanical and chemical methods are suitable or if you would require a complete trenchless sewer repair.

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