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How to Fix a Leaky Outdoor Faucet: Step by Step

How to Fix a Leaky Outdoor Faucet Step by StepTypically, outdoor spigot systems do not require as much maintenance as indoor faucets. However, it does pay to know how to fix a leaky outdoor faucet in the event that it breaks or needs maintenance. 

Leaky faucets can lead to other issues such as leaky basement and even flooding, if not properly resolved. Use the following step-by-step guide from expert plumbers to fix your outdoor spigot. If you are unsure of how to replace the spigot yourself, do not hesitate to hire a certified plumber to ensure that the job is done properly.

How to Fix a Leaky Outdoor Faucet

Items needed:

  • Copper pipe
  • Hacksaw
  • Pipe cutter
  • Propane torch
  • Replacement stem
  • Safety glasses/goggles
  • Sandpaper (medium grit)
  • Solder
  • Tinning flux

Once you have acquired the above items, use these steps to fix an outdoor leaking spigot:

  1. Make sure that the main water supply to your home is turned off.
  2. From the backside, find the pipe that feeds the spigot to the wall. 
  3. On the opposite side of the wall, cut the pipe at the bend using a hacksaw.
  4. Cut the length of the corroded supply pile using a pipe cutter.
  5. Rough the inside of the new fitting for the spigot as well as the ends of the replacement pipe with medium-grit sandpaper.
  6. Inside the fitting (on the end at the outside), apply a coat of tinning flux and place the end of the replacement pipe in the replacement fitting. (the tinning flux will help the solder to adhere better).
  7. Seal the new joint using the tip of the flame of the propane torch, as well as solder to ensure ideal adhesive properties.
  8. Once the connection is fully soldered, let it cool before inserting the end of the new piping into the hole. Use the pipe cutter to cut off any excessive piping once you have ensured that the new fitting is flush against the side of the house.
  9. Follow the technique used in step 6 to install onto the pipe a fitting of 90 degrees.
  10. Measure from the end of the supply line piping to the new fitting to gauge the amount of replacement copper piping that will be required. 
  11. Cut the pipe using the above measurement.
  12. Rough the pipe ends with sandpaper as in step 5 before applying the tinning flux and soldering the replacement copper pipe to the 90-degree fitting at the coupling.
  13. Wait for the seals to cool completely and ensure that the connections are secure before turning on the water supply to see if the new spigot works properly. 
  14. Apply caulking to prevent leakage around the outer edge.

If you are not a skilled plumber and are not sure how to fix a leaky outdoor faucet after reading the above guide, contact DrainCom to schedule one of our licensed plumbers to complete the job for you. We can assist you with all of your plumbing repairs from toilet repair to clogged sinks to sump pump installation. Call us today for a free quote for your plumbing needs.

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