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Sewage pump problems! Which pump to install.

A customer of ours had rebuilt his home located in south Etobicoke and was facing what looked like a simple change of having a sewage pump installed in his basement to direct all the basement sanitary waste to main sanitary drain. Unfortunately the builder made a mistake and installed the new concrete slab lower than the level of existing old floor. As a result of this all drains in the basement had to be lowered.

Once this job was completed the sewage pump could be installed.

sewage pump

Later after renting his basement to two families we starting getting calls after about a month and once every month after that because his pump was constantly breaking down. Issue had nothing do do with the pump, the issue was what was being sent into the sewage tank.

Typically, in residential applications, sewage is pumped from a sewage basin to a sewer system or a septic tank. A sewage pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin. The basin itself is placed at or below the floor level of the basement.

Sewage Pumps

Sewage pump handle waste from homes, offices and anywhere with W/C facilities. These are the most popular for most domestic applications, and should not be used for commercial applications. They will not handle sanitary products and products inc nappies, napkins etc. These are typically “50mm solids handling pumps” and the most popular for homes. Normally we use proven ½ h.p. Liberty pump that has a respectable 2 year warranty. You cannot expect that people who rent your basement to be particularly careful what they are throwing into the drain system. That is the most inconvenient situation for a homeowner.

Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are sewage pumps but with the added benefit of being able to handle solid products thoroughly.   A grinder pump has an impeller that is made like blades. There is a good product on the market called Liberty ProVore-380 Sewage pump with grinder. This pump is awesome. It can eat anything from plastic bags to a beach towel. The pump is expensive (approx. $2000 plus installation) but compared to the inconvenience and cost of having plumbing company to be on site once a month it is definitely a good choice. Preassembled units gives us the security that the pump will not shift to the side during use and won’t jam the float. Additionally, this sewage pump has an alarm system. We do recommend our customers this excellent solution for sometimes careless tenants.

How long should my sewage pump last?

This can be a difficult question to answer and will vary for all different instances….a lot like knowing how long your sofa, your sink, or your car will last. One important factor is simply how long and how often the sewage pump is running. So in this case a large household combined with a smaller sewage pit will run longer than let’s say a smaller family and a larger pit in the same sized house. Naturally, the pump that runs more is not going to last as long as the one that doesn’t have to work as hard. Choosing a pump for the size of the job and that has good electrical supply will ensure the longest possible life for your pump.

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