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How to Avoid Costly Garburator Repair: Tips & Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know


Is your garbage disposal acting up? Do you even have a garbage disposal in your kitchen? If not, is it worth the investment? And, what about garburator repair?

Both garburator and drain repair Toronto can be easily avoided if you follow a few simple rules to keep them running properly. In the following article, we shall highlight the advantages of having a garburator as well as how to keep them running properly.

How to Avoid Garburator Repair

Most homes in the Greater Toronto Area are already equipped with a working garbage disposal system. If your home does not already have a garbage disposal, you should seriously consider garburator install.

Benefits of an In-Home Garbage Disposal System

  1. Your kitchen will smell better: Food odor will be immediately eliminated, as opposed to stinking up your kitchen as it sits rotting and decomposing in your garbage bin, which can cause your kitchen to have a rather unpleasant odor.
  2. You will save money: A garburator will break down the food items that would otherwise clog your drain, which can lead to costly repairs.
  3. Quicker clean up: You will be able to quickly dispose of crumbs, leftover food particles, and deposit them directly in your garbage disposal system.
  4. Today’s garburators are safe: Unlike older garbage disposal systems, modern garbage disposals have a safety hatch that will prevent it from being accidentally turned on by children or pets once it has been properly secured.
  5. Garbage disposals are eco-friendly: As it turns your waste into liquid that is not harmful to the environment, your garbage disposal system is eco-friendly.
  6. Garburators require little to no maintenance: As they are designed to last for many years, garburators will not require a great deal of upkeep or maintenance.
  7. Noise Reduction: Today’s garburators are much quieter than older garbage disposal systems. You will barely notice any noise as you are operating your garburator.

Tips to Avoid Garburator Repair and Safety Tips

  1. Never put metal, strings, or bones in your garburator.
  2. Do not put rubber, plastic or metal items in the system.
  3. Always use a flow of strong, cold water when operating the system to prevent grease and so forth from clogging the disposal unit. Start the water before you turn on the system and do not turn it off until the garburator is no longer in operation.
  4. Never clean the system with chemical drain cleaners or bleach.
  5. Never put your hands (or any body parts) in the garburator!
  6. Do not overfill the garbage disposal.
  7. Use fresh lemon juice or a quart-sized lemon slice to deodorize your garburator.
  8. Contact a plumber at the first sign of any trouble with your garbage disposal system.

If you are in need of assistance or garburator repair, contact DrainCom as soon as possible! We will send one of our licensed plumbers to make any repairs.



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