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How Much Do Plumbers Make in Canada? This & Other Facts about Plumbing Jobs

Have you seriously considered a career in plumbing? Do you find yourself wondering, “How much do plumbers make in Canada?”

The following article contains insightful information about the salary and training for a career for plumbers Toronto. Keep reading if you are interested in this exciting and lucrative line of work.

How Much Do Plumbers Make in Canada?

In case you were wondering, “How much do plumbers make in Ontario?”, here is the lowdown. The average salary for a plumber in Ontario falls somewhere between C$54,080 and C$72,800. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to work several years as an apprentice before you can make that kind of money. 

Working as a plumber can be physically challenging and involves working both inside and outdoors in all types of weather conditions. However, it is a rewarding career that will always be in high demand.

How to Obtain a Career as a Plumber in Canada

Following is the path you need to take to get a career in plumbing in Ontario:

  1. Obtain at least a 4-year degree from a reputable secondary school. A strong understanding of mathematics is imperative in a plumbing career, so some post-secondary education may be required.
  2. Contact a plumbing agency that is willing to take on an apprentice. You should submit your application to the union or employer directly and sign a training contract or contract of apprenticeship with both a party from the Apprenticeship Board in your province and your new employer.
  3. Complete 9,000 hours (approx 4.5 years) as an apprentice. This will be a combination of on-the-job and classroom training. The bulk of the education process consists of practical learning under the direction of a qualified and experienced plumber. The first year of the apprenticeship will consist of about 80% classroom instruction. This can be obtained at an approved training facility or university. 
  4.  With a minimum score of 70%, you must pass the Certification of Qualification trade certification examination. You must possess extensive knowledge of most plumbing systems as well as the familiarity with relevant codes. You must pass a background check and provide up-to-date references for all past and present work experience.
  5. Pass the Red Seal Plumbing Exam. This is administered by the CCDA (Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship). An interprovincial program will allow you to work as a plumber anywhere in Canada without having to be recertified. To prepare for this exam, you must obtain a copy of the NOA (National Occupational Analysis), which outlines any topics that will be addressed in the exam.

****If you have a minimum of 9,000 hours of experience as a plumber, you can complete Confirmation of Work Experience form, along with an application, to the province. This must include a detailed description of relevant experience. In addition, someone with more than 5 years of experience in construction with some industry-related courses may also apply for this certification.

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