At DrainCom, one of the essential services we provide to our customers is sewer and drain flushing.

Drain flushing is one of the options for drain cleaning and in some cases it is the best option which consists of flushing the drain with high pressure water.

We highly recommend this method when the drain pipe has soil or grease deposits slowing down or completely stopping the flow.
This is the case in restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, coffee shops or any other places where food is prepared or served which should have drain flushing as a scheduled maintenance.

Therefore all grease and food scraps will be flushed out and prevent the drain pipes from being blocked.

This saves time and money in the long run because the establishment can continue its business uninterrupted by plumbing repairs.

In serving Toronto and the GTA, we at DrainCom have found that many residential properties need to have their drain lines flushed after major renovations.


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Also with the passing of time through the years, storm drains can collect leaves, soil deposits or even stones which sit in the pipes.

This can be a huge and expensive problem for residential properties during heavy rains since it can be a reason for floods. In providing you with drain flushing service, we at DrainCom always perform video camera drain inspections before and after to ensure that absolutely no debris is left in the drain.

Keep your drains flowing and put your mind at ease. We at DrainCom are always ready to serve you.

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