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Emergency Sewer Cleaning vs. Preventative Sewer Cleaning  

Quite a lot of homeowners and business owners complain about their sewers backing up all of a sudden and only on major holidays, during nights or over the weekends. Many times these problems occur after a heavy rain causes basement flooding. No one ever hopes for something like this to happen even when it seems convenient. In reality, sewer backups can happen to anyone and at any point 24 by 7 x 365.

A clogged drain requires instant emergency clearing, especially if it is a commercial premise. Industrial drains usually have a heavy capacity. Therefore, in such a situation for a blockage to create problems, it has to be a large one and to resolve this you will have to call for professional plumbing services. Besides, it will be simpler if you get assistance from a local plumbing specialist who is acquainted with the areas and the sewers, and have the correct equipment.

Under such emergencies, numerous mechanical techniques can be employed to free up the sewer, the main approach being commercial sewer rodding and water jetting. These clearing approaches are powerful enough to straighten most logjams, although several of them are used in regular maintenance cleaning. Because by the time the drain blockage becomes large enough to cause more problems, its reparation becomes far too expensive.

That is why it is far better to seek help from plumbing specialists for sewer cleaning and catch basin maintenance as spending in the ‘prevention is better than cure’ remedy, which is typically costly.

Emergency Sewer Cleaning

DrainCom is always available for emergencies and preventive maintenance and charges no extra cost for untimely visits for emergency sewer cleaning. We make sure to endorse an annual preventative sewer cleaning to all homeowners and business property owners.

Every sewer backup needs emergency drain cleaning. For professional plumbing service providers, emergency sewer cleaning is the top of their game. DrainCom is available on calls at all times and sends off technicians on request within hours. It is extremely important to get your drain working properly and back in order at the earliest. Imagine not being able to flush a toilet, start your washing machine, or use your sink, this can be very frustrating and of course, unhygienic.

Letting discarded water remain unclear for extended periods of time can be the source of some major damages, which may further require professionals to work on alleviating the damages. Generally, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover sewer cleaning or sewer backups. That is why the onus of quickly, efficiently and professionally handling these issues comes on the homeowner.

There could be more than one reason for a drain emergency, it can happen when toilet paper is used in excess or the wrong kind of toilet paper is used. Sometimes low flush pressure in toilets and appliances don’t cleanse the waste through the drain properly and result in sewer backups.

Preventative Sewer Cleaning

This approach is always a good idea even though preventative sewer cleaning doesn’t guarantee that a sewer backup won’t happen in the future. The only perk is that they lessen the chances of drain blockages and can help prevent basement flooding. DrainCom takes pride in its quality of plumbing work and guarantees its clients of clear pipes and minimal chances of failure. Preventative maintenance ensures that the line is clear of debris, waste, and/or root growth causing no accumulation and allowing smooth passage of water.

Preventative sewer cleaning can be done often on a regular basis as per your preference and schedule. Most people like to get their preventative sewer cleaning done on a year to year basis or when your professional service provider suggests after determining the amount of root growth in the drain. You could also get product recommendations from DrainCom professionals that would help in keeping the line clear until your next service.


Doesn’t matter what kind of a sewer cleaning service you will have to opt for – emergency sewer cleaning or preventative services, feel free to reach out to DrainCom for your drain-related concerns 24/7/365. Call us today!

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