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DrainCom has always been a favourite company in Burlington for offering cost effective and quality Basement Waterproofing, Drainage & Plumping Services. We have a group of trained professionals working with us who are extremely courteous. Our services at Burlington include:

Basement Waterproofing

Keep your basement safe with our basement waterproofing services. Our solutions work well because they help to prevent flooding in your basement. This means anything you keep in the basement is safe at all times. Our trained team of technicians inspects your basement and suggests the best possible solutions. All of this is provided with the expertise of trained professionals.

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Basement Flood Protection

Keep your basement dry with the technologically advanced solutions from DrainCom. We provide a wide range of services, which includes backwater valve & sump pump installation, sewer and drain flushing, drainage system video camera inspection, trenchless pipe replacement or repair, basement waterproofing.

Foundation Crack Repair

Keep your foundation safe and sound with DrainCom. We offer a wide range of solutions to keep your foundation intact. This includes efficient drain solutions, taking care of weeping tiles and crack repair solutions to prevent any additional troubles.

Backflow Protection

Enjoy safe potable water at home with the backflow protection services from DrainCom. Our backflow protection technology prevents cross contamination between waste water and potable water.

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