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Basement Lowering & Underpinning

Draincom performs services you won’t normally get from other plumbing companies. We specialize in constructing basement entrances and basement door installations, so your family can enjoy the convenience of a walkout basement. Our basement lowering and basement underpinning in Toronto can also transform your basement into an apartment, adding extra monthly income via a rental space.

When space becomes a premium in your home, or if you’re looking for some extra income from a rental space, consider basement lowering in Toronto and Mississauga.

DrainCom’s professionals are experts at basement strengthening and lowering basement floors in order to meet your family’s needs. Basement lowering will also add value to your home by providing space for a family room, or a rental apartment that will supplement your family’s income. Only DrainCom performs basement underpinning in Toronto and Mississauga, in addition to basement lowering, which includes waterproofing, drain replacement or installation, and pouring a new concrete floor.

Having these services performed by DrainCom can save you up to 70% whithout having to hire individual contractors. Moreover, you get DrainCom’s expert workmanship, which gives you additional peace of mind.

Here are some reasons why you should consider lowering your basement floors:

  • You have enlarged your home from its original layout
  • Your basement needs to be lowered beneath your home’s original footing to accommodate other renovation projects
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Basement lowering and underpinning is a major project that requires proper planning in order to avoid surprises or delays. At DrainCom, our many years of experience successfully conducting basement lowering and underpinning projects means you can be confident we’ll do the job right, on time, every time!

1.Call DrainCom 416-989-5757 or 905-238-6800 to schedule an appointment and get free estimate. We will send one of our top basement lowering and underpinning technicians to your home or workplace at a time that’s most convenient for you. Once on site, DrainCom’s technician will explain your options in easy to understand layman’s terms in order to help you determine what solution best suits your needs. For example, he will help you decide between bench footing and underpinning. Along with explaining your options, our technician will estimate the approximate price for doing the work and the time frame required, free of charge.FREE
Appointment takes approx. 1 hour
2.We can recommend a professional engineer who specializes in basement lowerings and underpinnings,he will provide you with detailed drawings, submit them to the City for approval, and get the building permit for you.



You can find a professional engineer and ask him to provide you with detailed drawings. Then apply to the City for a work permit.

Engineer’s fees vary from $2500 to $3500 for 500-1000 sq.feet basement
This step takes approx. 2.5 weeks
3.Schedule a follow-up visit from a DrainCom technician, during which he will finalize the pricing and arrange a start date that fits in with your busy schedule.FREE
Appointment takes approx. 1 hour
4.Job done by Draincom. As work progresses, DrainCom will arrange for any and all legally required inspections.Price and timing are discussed at the previous step

Why you should choose DrainCom for your basement lowering and underpinning project:

A) We assure you of superior workmanship, which results from our hiring only the best plumbers and foundation specialists.

B) We source only the best materials and use effective, proven technologies.

C) Our wide range of expertise allows DrainCom to service ALL your plumbing, drain, basement waterproofing and basement lowering needs.

D) We hold the best insurance coverage, extending from small plumbing “fix it” jobs to major projects such as basement lowering and underpinning. Our warranty is transferable.


Basement underpinning provides additional stability for your home as it ages. Strengthening the integrity of your basement will support a lowered basement or the installation of a new basement floor in preparation for renovations. This service will provide additional foundational support, even if you’re not renovating; it will support your home’s foundation, making the overall structure more stable.

You should consider basement underpinning if:

  • The ground supporting your home’s foundation may have shifted or become compromised.
  • Your home’s original foundation has weakened over the years.
  • The use of your home or structure has changed.

Basement strengthening redistributes the weight of your house, giving the foundation more stability and increasing the overall value of your home.

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