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A Guide on How to Install a Shower

A Guide on How to Install a ShowerBelieve it or not, there are multiple ways of how to install a shower. How you go about installing a shower depends on a couple of different factors. You have to consider what type of shower you are installing. Installing a square shower is a bit different than installing a single unit kit. Showers that require multiple panels to be installed take a bit more time and effort than other types of showers. If you plan on trying to install a shower, you should be sure to equip yourself with the proper tools. It might not be a bad idea to have a professional plumbing service handy in case you should experience any problems. The process of installing a shower can be easier to accomplish if you have basic plumbing and carpentry skills. 

Basics of Installing a Shower

When you are learning how to install a shower, you might need professional plumbing services to help get through the process. There is nothing wrong with needing a helping hand every now and then. First, you should decide whether you are going to use a shower kit. Using a shower kit can make it easier to install a shower without any help or prior knowledge. The first step in installing a shower is figuring out the location of your pipes. Measuring to determine where your pipes are located is a vital part of the shower installation. You should be sure to measure from the floor to the wall to get a measurement that is accurate. When making any home improvements or repairs, accuracy is everything. 

Steps to Follow When Installing a Shower

When you complete the measuring portion, you should be sure to mark on the wall where your measurements fell. This marking can tell you where you need to put the fixtures on the wall. The following tools and supplies will probably be needed to install any shower type:

  • Level
  • Tile Caulking
  • Saw
  • Electric Drill with Bits
  • Cedar Shims
  • Flat Head and Phillips Head Screwdrivers

Final Steps Before Kit Assembly

You cannot expect to be able to install a shower without the proper tools. Remove all of the old caulking and adhesive before you start to install the shower kit. Sweep the area and clean off the walls. Next, you will want to waterproof the walls before you install the shower. Shower installation should never be done over any type of drywall. The process of shower installation requires you to drill holes in the unit. You will also need to drill holes where you made the markings for the measurements. 

Cutting Holes for the Fixtures

You will need to use the saw to cut holes for the shower fixtures. Be sure to cut holes that are the right size. Holes that are too big can cause your fixtures to leak or not be held in place properly. Knowing how to install a shower can allow you to do the job yourself. Attach the unit to the wall and screw in the screws. Seal all seams with the caulking you have. Contact DrainCom to get immediate help on your drain issues.

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