For home owners in Toronto, DrainCom offers a wide range of services including wet basement, Basement Waterproofing, Basement Flood Protection, Foundation Repair, Backflow Protection, etc.


DrainCom offers a range of plumbing and other related emergency services in the Woodbridge area. We have a team of dedicated people to cater to this specific region. Give us a call or get online to ask for a free quote. The best thing about our services is that we offer special lifetime warranty.


DrainCom has always been a favorite with the people of Burlington for offering cost effective and quality plumbing, waterproofing, drain and sewer related services. We have a group of trained professionals working with us who are extremely courteous


DrainCom is growing at a fast pace in Mississauga where we offer a wide range of wet basement, basement waterproofing, backflow protection, basement flood protection, foundation repair and plumbing services. We can also help you to clogged drain, drain cleaning and drain repair. 


DrainCom has been keeping busy in the Etobicoke area, providing regular drain cleaning and maintenance services to clients. We have a strong presence here for the kind of services we offer and for all the latest technology that we work with.


DrainCom has become a household name in Oakville for all the praiseworthy services we offered to the households over all these years.

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